Introduction of Otake City
  •  Otake City is located in the southwestern part of Hiroshima Prefecture. The city has developed as one of the industrial strongholds in the Seto Inland Sea Areas. The city has a petrochemical complex that has sprouted alongside its coastline. The complex extends from Otake city, bridging the mouth of the Oze river, to Waki town and Iwakuni city of Yamaguchi Prefecture.
  •  The city of Otake started its municipality in the year 1954. It covers an area of 78,57 square meters and has a population of 28,038 as of July 1st, 2014.
 ◆ Town Things Otake City
 Kamei Park  Mt.Mikura
  Maron no sato koryukan Atata Island 
 Yasaka dam   Kinryu park
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